COG Anniversary Party

Check out some pics from the COG Anniversary party in Chicago this past weekend. The COG crew put together an amazing hardcover book of all their imagery from the past year. We've got a few in at Chrome so swing by the shop & pick one up while you can! Big thanks to Andy Golding and Chris Dilts for the photos!

.83 Race in Seattle

checkit checkit out.

Hamburger Eyes Fundraiser

Pick up some rad art & support a local mag

Coffee Buzzzzz....

BIG shout out to our Philly peeps Josie & David for kickin us some of their home-roasted coffee beans!!! Josie submitted this pic for the Chrome Facebook contest and won her boy a new Cobra merino jacket....

"My crazy husband roasts this coffee and then delivers it in 5 pound bags with his fixie and chrome bag to local restaurants in Philly."

Here's to one bad-ass cup o joe