NACCC Boston Kick Off!

We are at Revolution Bikes in JP! Swing by, first few to come by and
mention the post get new Chrome Hip Pouches. Stay tuned Beantown, we
will be around all weekend!

US Open Chrome Van Re-Cap

What a trip! The US Open was of the hook, home town Huntington Local Brett Simpson took it after a ripping heat with Mick Fanning. A south swell moved in a day before to give everyone a sight, 10' plus waves rolled in both days. Props to Brett, your the man.

We did not think this would happen after getting pulled over by LA's finest. Much Love and thanks for the support!

Props to everyone we met in Huntington Beach, Long Beach and Manhattan Beach, cold beers and good times were had, stoked to come back soon.

Out of control, estimated 100K plus people came out for the event.

Our favorite surfer Rob Machado killed it as always.

Rob Machado

A full park was assembled for the bike jam.

We met so many rad people at the Chrome Booth, good times.

Mick Fanning killing it.

Velo City NYC

Velo City wrapped up this weekend in NYC. Just a few thunderstorms, but luckily no crashes. Chicago Cuttin Crew killed it in the Messenger category, taking 1st and 2nd all around . Congrats to Molly Godlewski & Al Urbanski, both headed to Tokyo for CMWC!

Bow Bike Man

Spotted this guy in Oakland this past weekend rolling down Market. The whole rig was basically moving wheels and all you could hear were the hundreds of holiday bows hitting the spokes. Pretty rad.

Chrome Van Hits Up The Hurley US Surf Open

The van's headed to LA this weekend for the Hurley US Surf Open. If you're at the event and spot the van, drop by for a beer and say whattup! We'll drop a line on twitter & let you know where we're at...

Touchstone Bouldering Series

Mission Cliffs Bouldering Competition Series kicks off this Friday in SF. Expected turnout is 300+ and the competition will be continuing every month at each MC location, concluding with the grand finale at Berkeley in November. For more info, click here

Fuck The Police

Check out these pics that were emailed to us today, snapped from the Prop 8 protests that went down this past November in L.A.

Here's the email that followed:

I just wanted to show you the magical journey/free advertising your bag has enjoyed while being on my back.

In November, when Prop 8 passed, my mate and I were in the protests here in L.A. When my mate was helping someone out, the police started to toss him about. Seeing this, I came to his aide. While fending off the cops from my friend (after they pushed him to the floor when his back was turned to them), we managed to get arrested. While this whole altercation was happening and we were being manhandled by LA's finest, Rick Loomis, photographer, snapped some photos of us.

At the Annenberg Space for Photography, his photos of us getting arrested won him the award of Photographic Excellence for a Newspaper. Your magic Chrome bag can be seen in all it's glory. I have enclosed a photo for you guys. Well, that's all I got. Thanks for making a such a fine bag that protected my back for a while, before the knees were laid into me!


Hell Yeah, way to represent!

Downieville Classic / Downieville 2009 Pixie Cross World Championships.

Downieville Classic was killer, this town is mountain biking. SF Dirtlab represented, congrats to all the riders, well done.

2009 Pixie Cross World Championships went off, only one casualty during the race, (broken finger, four missing teeth and stitches) however, he came back to make the mosh pit after the drama!! Hats off to Tom...

Beer drinking and hucking off a launch ramp, we love Downieville...

Congrats to SF Dirtlab riders. Eric, Luke, Kim, Murray and Tim braved the XC course on Day 1. An 8 mile climb up the Trail of Tears, 5 miles across the top of the saddle and a ripping descent down Pauley Creek, Third Divide and First Divide; for 28 miles of leg burning, lung searing mountain man bliss.

SF Park Tour This Weekend!

Keep an eye out for the van this weekend. We'll be rolling through town Saturday, hittin up the BFF for a bit on Capp & 16th and then hangin in Dolores. Swing by for a beer!

Ramsay Bowl Recap

Here are some pics from the Ramsay Bowl in Calgary this past weekend...

And a few words about the tournament from Cory S.:
With 18 teams in total, people came from Seattle, Portland, Vancouver and 1 guy from New York City. Friday night was pickup games and drinking. Saturday morning was registration and games started at 11am. Games were timed to 10 mins or 5 points, whatever came first. Justin set it up as a swiss style tournament and that kept things super fair. Teams got points for winning games so if you were on a team that won 3 games you would go up against another team that won 3 games and so on....

Saturday night we had gold sprints for those who had the energy and a DJ but most people packed it in early (1:30am) . Sunday games started again at 11am . We had to bump some of the teams with less points to the smaller court, just across the field, to accommodate for how many games we had to get through with 18 teams playing. The skill level was amazing and people were having a blast. We had hot food, cold beer, hats, shirts, hoodies, water bottles, and other stuff available the whole tournament.

Here are the top teams from the tournament:

# 1 .. Balls Deep from east van ... such a amazing team .. these guys got mad skillz winners of $1500 cash
#2 .. Smile from Seattle.. these guys can play!.. and are true gentleman on the court
#3 .. noinche noinche noinche...Kenny and martin from east van and Chris from nyc....these guys would spank you on the court but make you laugh while it happened
#4 .. Ramsay Rams.. our local A-team players .. although they hardly ever play together here in Calgary as a team..
#5 .. BallAholics.. Calgary local team ..I was on this one .. not bad for a guy who has been playing polo for 7 months!

Around 12 am Justin brought out all the prizes and I think everyone was happy with how it all turned out. It was so great to play such talent in our home town and hopefully everyone can make it back next year. It will be bigger and badder I promise! oh one last thing .. the weather gods were on our side .. nothing but sunshine the entire 3 days ...:)