Here are some rad events going down this weekend:

Rose City Fix Book Release
August 15th 2009/ Portland,Oregon

Bike In Movie
August 14th, 2009 / Milwaukee, WI

Flirty 30 Alleycat
August 14th, 2009 / Birmingham, AL

All girls alleycat in Birmingham, Alabama (the first of it’s kind…most of the ladies have never raced before!), in cooperation with the Bici Bicycle Cooperative and BikeSkirt

Ass Fault Alleycat
August 15th, 2009 / Cleveland, OH

Bakersfield Alleycat

August 15th, 2009 / Bakersfield, CA

For the love of the bag...

Had to share this one:

I got my Chrome bag for my 23rd or 24th birthday. That's 5-6 years ago + a bit of change. It's gone everywhere-- it sat next to me on a ranch in Argentina while I learned how to slaughter a lamb; carried my large format camera, tripod and random stuff all over Boston during the winter; took beer and bananas to Venice beach; brought clean cloths to/dirty cloths from Japan; snuck 30 bottles of beer into class in Pittsburgh; brought acircular saw, carpenters belt and a framing hammer to work in Chicago; held food while I drove from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles; held 2 live lobsters when I was in Maine; it even held my vomit when I had nowhere to spew on the NYC subway.

I love my bag.
I tried others: Bailey's, Pedro's, Timbuk2, Ortlieb and a handful of musette type bags. Vanity might have forced me to try an Urban Outfitters bag too. (I am not proud of this)
I love my bag more than all of those combined.
I love it more than I love my Serotta. I love it more than my most comfortable pair of bibs loaded with chamois cream. I'll give up beer before I give up this bag.

But the bag is old--old like an eternally cool grandpa. Not just any grandpa though. It's like the grandpa that taught you how to fish and camp and how to drive a manual transmission at 12... the grandpa that wants to listen to punk rock with you... the grandpa that bought fireworks in July and gave them to you at Christmas so you could put them a snowman's head.

Unfortunately, my grandpa is missing teeth.
Unfortunately, my Chrome bag needs new plastic clips.

It needs a bit of help. It needs new clips so that it can be my commuting companion; so that it can do it's job while I start a new job in a new city.

Can I get these from you guys? Should I send the bag in?

I know I could probably take the bag to the lady on the streetcorner. You know, the old lady that sits in the upholstry shop? Her.

I'd rather get the stuff from you guys.

TF. Tolhurst

No problem kid, we'll kick you some clips. Thanks for the love.

Chrome Van Hits Up Oaktown

Chrome van's heading to Oakland tonight for Best of the East Bay. We'll be partying out in front of the Oakland Museum so stop by if you're in town. Check out the details here.

Ivan in the mail...

who needs a box anyways...

Chromesprints video

Chrome GoldSprints 2009 SF CA from C Evans on Vimeo.


We had a blast out in Boston! The NACCC was a great time.
Congratulations to Christina Peck and Nico the champs this year. Enjoy
the bags. From the side events to the parties, Beantown rolled out the
red carpet for bike messengers from around the globe. Already looking
forward to next year!

And the winner is......

Congrats to Christina from Chicago's Cutting crew! Fastest time, first
place female. Chas from SF cleaned up this weekend with first place
male and won the sprints! Great job guys we had a blast. Heading to
the Middle East for the awards.

NACCC Update

The day is going great! Christina from the Cutting Crew is winning
both men and womens categories! 4 hours to go!
The winner will have done 100 miles in traffic.

Gearing up at Dispatch

Main race is about to kick off, over 300 registered getting ready to
take to the streets of Boston. Rocking the checkpoint, stay tuned......


Today was the side events of the Championships. Sprints, skids and
trackstands. The best by far was the tractor pull, a track bike
pulling a car! Never seen that before. Congrats to Chaz from San
Francisco, first place sprints!