SF Premiere-Kranked Revolved

The latest installment in the Kranked Series is due out later this month and SF DIRTLAB is bringing it to SF on July 2nd! Come out and get stoked on the the sickest new bike film and then shred your favorite spots over the long weekend. The event will be held at Chrome Headquarters and feature:

* A live performance by Attack Bird (yeah...like the one on Market St.)
* Frosty refreshments from Speak Easy Brewing Company
* Raffle to benefit SF Urban Riders
* Special Appearance by "Blind" Bobby McMullen, starring in the film

Tix are $10 at the door. Check the SF DIRTLAB website for additional details and click here to watch the trailer.

Velocity Goldsprints Party This Friday @ Chrome!

If you're in the hood, drop by Chrome this Friday for the Velocity kickoff party. Doors are at 7:30, Goldsprints (we're callin them Chromesprints) start at 8pm. New Belgium hooked us up with the beer and we'll be kickin down prizes for the winners. For those who haven't been to the shop yet, we're on 4th street at Brannan. Pass on the flyer & spread the word.

Chrome Van Recap - Reno Style

Here are some photos of our trip to Reno / North Star this past weekend to support the Tour de Nez. Many thanks for the crew in Reno, it was great to catch up, you guys rock.

Reno is hosting the premire to Veer, check it out. http://web.twelvehorses.com/news/06-15-2009/award-winning-bicycling-culture-movie--veer--to-screen-in-reno-june-23rd

The race was insane, here are the winners after a three day session.

Cycle Path in Truckee is your one stop shop, these guys are rad, completely came through with a new rim to get us back on the lift at N*. Stop by and check them out, http://www.cyclepaths.com/

Our piece of heaven at North Star..

The Chrome connection in Reno, Dave LaPlante with Twelve Horses and Doug Moore with Bootleg couriers. Props to Doug and his crew for throwing the messenger race, solid showing.

Props to DJ Nugz for laying it down all weekend,

Welcome to Reno!

Chromesprints comin' along...

Setup will be up and running for the Velocity Party we're throwing next friday.
Click here to check out the flyer for details.

Titty Kitty

Check out the Tough Titty Kitty in the City alleycat this Saturday in SF. All proceeds raised will benefit the Avon 2day walk. Registration's ten bucks, begins in Alamo Square @ 1:30. Lindsay, the one running the show, stopped by Chrome last week to show us the custom cycling jerseys she's designed and hand-sewing for the race winners. Definitely some rad gear to kick down for a great cause!

"Hey, you with the teeth..."

The Boise Adventure Seekers are throwing their first alleycat this weekend, 80's style. All proceeds are going to the Boise Bicycle Project and racers are required to dress up. There's possibility for a costume contest, so rock your fanny pack and represent.
More info here.

Rad Massaker Wrap Up

Here are some shots from the Rad Massaker alleycat this past weekend in Oakland. Turnout was somewhere in the 150+ range and rumor has it the race was an ass kicker. All proceeds from the event went to Cycles of Change. The Chrome van rolled by & hooked riders up with some beers post-race. Thanks to our girl Joanie for manning the van & Miss Lea for taking the pics. Check out the rest of the shots from the race here.

Shout out from Blue Sky Cycles

Rob from Blue Sky Cycles dropped us a quick line this morning:

Just wanted to give you a quick pic of my shins in action this weekend, and
to say thanks to Chrome for making rad stuff.

Right on, thanks for the support Rob! Click here to check our more pics from his ride.

Chrome in Barcelona!

Chrome's new dealer in Barcelona is having their Grand Opening this weekend, checkit!

SLO Alleycat

As T-rev puts it: "A fucking bike weekend". Saturday, 6/13- Alleycat 2pm & Sunday, 6/14 Hangover games. So grab your bike to kick off the summer in the central coast.

OKC Alleycat

Bike against hunger this weekend in Oklahoma City. This is the first of a series of alleycats going down and all proceeds go towards the Thanda Project. If you're in the hood, check it out.

Suicide King Recap--Charleston, SC

Here's a quick recap from Mr. Dan Kelley himself (the Suicide King mastermind, seen in the photo above)...

On May 31st, two months of planning came to fruition with the Suicide King Alleycat. This alleycat was in the neighborhood of 40 miles and began with everyone sprinting down King Street from North Charleston to the Battery wearing a gold crown. More coverage in the local newspaper.

The Suicide King Street Sprint was 6.0 miles from North Charleston to the Battery. Here's the best pic of the day...thanks zach!

Robbie at the Elizabeth Street Fountain
John from the checkpoint at Saint Margaret Street and Fifth Avenue.

Jason from ATL was the first out-of-towner to finish. The picture is from Magnolia Cemetery and Ravenel bridge is in background too.

Tipper (injured in March) being dragged down the finish line slip and slide by Ryan and Robbie. The dude broke his femur and ankle after avoiding a collision with a drunk driver and wasn't expected to be able to walk for six months. He said "fuck that" and two months later rode 40 miles in this alleycat.

Myself and Laura from ATL who won a pink beardhead for being the first lady to finish the King Street Sprint.

Group photo. Total participation - 42 get awesome people. Don't count the picture. Some people couldn't stay for the whole thing, but we counted at the beginning and there were 42. Trust me. Not as big as a turn out as I had hoped. Unfortunately, low cashflow kept all but a couple of Columbia kids in Cola for the weekend.

And there you have it....

Shout out to the Santa Cruz Ladies...

Here are some pics from the All Girls alleycat this past weekend in Santa Cruz. About 40 ladies showed up for some sweet racing. Checkpoint activities included pin the tail on the donkey and fording rivers for beer. The race was about 25 miles long with 9 checkpoints from Wilder Ranch to UCSC all the way out to Aptos and Soquel. It ended ate Oceanview Park with a beautiful view of the Boardwalk. There was lounging on the grass, beers, prizes and some bike tricks. Overall a super pleasant day for a ladies only bike race!

Chrome Van Hits Up Scooter Rosa Rally

The van survived the ride back from Portland and hit up Scooter Rosa this past weekend. Here are some pics from the event & more on our Flickr

NACCC Artist Bag Contest Winner

Big shout out to Greg Ugalde of NYC! His hand drawn design of Paul Revere riding fixie will be embroidered on this year's winner bags for the NACCC, held in Boston. You can check out more of Greg's artwork on the cyclehawk website here

Huge thanks to everyone that submitted designs for this contest! They'll be more contest opportunites coming up on Facebook & Twitter so keep an eye out...

Northwest Van Tour slightly extended…

Yep. Our boy Trystans been representing for a few extra days in Portland, ever since the van developed a bad tie rod and ball joint. Here’s a quick update from his trip:

“There are definitely worse places to be held up in for a few extra days. Fortunately, Chrome has quite a few friends in this area and some with couches to crash on. Not to mention the coffee in Portland is pretty amazing…

There has to be close to a dozen independent coffee roasters here, some a lot more famous than the guys at Extracto Coffee House on Killingsworth. It's a bit out of the way, but if you happen to be near the Alberta Street Arts District, it’s a great spot to grab a cup. Extractro has it's own roasting room on site. We got to watch the process when we stopped in this week and snapped a photo of the art.

Portland probably has the most diverse collection of bike shops anywhere in America- from hole in the wall pick-apart shops to multi-level museums with indoor test tracks. It also has the largest collection of independent frame builders in one city. Cog Magazine did a great story on Jordan Hufnagel a while back. We stopped by his shop for a quick visit. Huf is the kind of guy who would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. He took a few minutes out of his day to hang with us, so we brought him a sixer and stoked him out with one of the new Chrome Hip Pouches. He even helped us out with a bottom bracket issue between finishing a customer's new fork.

The only thing Portland has in greater quantity than bikes and coffee is beer- so it's clear they've got their priorities worked out. When we were in South East PDX we had to check out the Hopworks Brewery. The owner, Christian, is a major bike geek- note the recycled frames as art- don't worry, no functional frame was harmed, these were all salvage. Briana, behind the bar, was awesome and stayed late to hang with us for a few.

Overall, the trip was rad and the van got major props wherever we went
(when it was running). Considering we put some major miles on the old girl, she's doing pretty well! Let's just hope the van survives the drive back- looks like it's gonna be an all nighter..."