Chrome Van still heading North..

Portland has been so good, Great time at the Lizard Lounge, killer alley cat, after party, and Velo City!! We will recap soon, our trip has been extended... We will be in Seattle on Sunday 5/31 at Recycled Cycles @ 1 p.m., grill going and beer flowing stop by if you are around.

Ride Hard,


NACCC Artist Bag Contest!

Chrome is looking for a kick-ass design to be embroidered on this years 1st place bags
for the NACCC. Winner gets a $200 Chrome gift certificate, bragging rights, & your design will be featured on the Chrome Website, Blog, and Facebook page, linking to
your website (if you have one). Up for the challenge?

Submission Guidelines:
  • Vector EPS file
  • Design cannot exceed 12 inches in width or height
  • Name your submission your first and last name (ie: jeffrey_lebowski.jpg)
  • All artwork must be submitted by Friday, June 5th, 1pm PST
  • Send artwork to

Our homies in the Chrome factory in Chico!

Thanks for all the hard work & kickin ass guys!!

Riding With Pista Malmo

Riding with Pista Malmo from Let It Ride Ride Ride on Vimeo.

Got an email from Peteris with the latest update on the ride to Barcelona. Here's a vid of him and Steven riding with the fixed gear crew, Pista Malmo. They'll be kickin it in Amsterdam until tomorrow and then heading south.

Looks like they've also sparked some interest with Wend Mag:

Tampa Two Stroke This Weekend

Check out Florida's bad ass scooter camping rally this weekend, presented by the Tampa Two Stroke crew. If vintage scooter is your thing & you're in the hood, swing by and tell Kieran Chrome says whattup. Get the details here

Westside Invite Hits Seattle

After 8 years in Portland, Westside hits Seattle! Along with the main race, there will be alleycats, track/footdown/skid comps and polo going down all weekend. There's already over 100 registered racers so if you haven't yet and want in, register here.

Baltic Ride Update

Here are some pics from Peteris & Steven, the mustached fellas doing the fixie ride from Stockholm to Barcelona. They’ve been on the road since May 1st, kicked it with the messengers in Stockholm, & hooked up with Sweden’s only fixed gear crew, Piste Malmo: “ They have a great community going on here, trying to connect fixed gear riders all across scandinavia.”

Sounds like a rad ride so far...fill us in on the Berlin scene!

East Bay Bicycle Collation Party Recap

Props to East Bay Bicycle Collation for the party, extra props to Cyclecide Collective for being Rad, check these guys out..

Chicks on roller skates beating the crap out of eachother...

Check out the Bay City Bombers this Saturday at Kezar Pavilion (Stanyan Street). Chrome will be hangin before the bout, swing by the van for a cold one!

Side Saddle Recap, Austin

Big shout out to Anne D. in Austin for pulling together the first ladies only alleycat in Austin. Side Saddle was a complete success with a turnout of 37 and cash raised through raffles and registration for Austin's own Mother's Milk Bank. Here's her recap:

All the local bike boys ran the checkpoints making the girls eat butterscotch, do an origami fortune teller, sew a button onto their shirt, shoot ducks with a toy rifle, and run into the Texas State Capitol to draw a sketch of Ann Richards. There was a local film crew shooting the event for a film on the Austin Bike Scene and lots of awesome photographers to capture the race. Side events were open to both sexes and everyone had a great time watching the girls stomp the boys including a tall bike in the Texas footdown competition.

Right on anne! thanks for the pics & throwing a kickass race

Tourist Trap SF

If anyone in town is lookin for a ride this weekend, check out Tourist Trap SF. The race is this Sunday, starts at the Polo fields in GG park and you can register here.