Comin up this Saturday in SF. Starts at high noon at hippie hill. Cut off time is 4:20 for all racers...follow the theme? Proceeds go towards FUF. Chrome goods up for grabs including the new hip pouch

Chrome Van Trip Recap

Made it to L.A. and took it by storm. Hit up a few shops & set up shop at Orange20 for a kickass BBQ. Velocity was hot as all hell but the beer coolers kept us goin. For more pics, check out the album on Facebook

2nd Stop-Sea Otter

Slight delay on our drive down to Monterey. Apparently, a “kinda registered” van doesn’t fly these days. Luckily, Shawn worked his charm and was able to roll with a fix-it. Made it to Sea Otter with good time and set up camp in the lot. Kicked it at the show for a bit with Marin & her crew from The Spokesman and Shimano. The grill fired up around 1 followed by the pixie bikes and Tecate. More pics on Flickr. The Chrome van rolls on…

1st Stop-The Spokesman, Santa Cruz!

1st stop on the Van trip to L.A was Santa Cruz. Dropped by The Spokesman and kicked it with Marin and the crew. Cracked a few Tecates, hung with the locals & our new buddy Ashton from Clutch Couriers. First travel stickers hit the roll up....more to come. Next stop...SEA OTTER WHUUUUUT!!

Chrome Hits The Road!

Crazy Shit Goin Down in NYC....

Check out this article & video NY Times posted on their site today about a protest in NYC. That's some crazy shit! (notice the Chrome Bags).

Art Crank, Denver

Just stumbled upon this rad print by Tony Cozzi from his "Drop Sequence" series, which he'll be showing this weekend at ARTCRANK in Denver. I would highly recommend checking this show out if you're in the hood. Unfortunately, Chrome won't be able to make it out for the event but will be following Charles's on Twitter while he's posting updates from the event.

Baltic Ride Sendoff

Come out and party tomorrow night at Shotwell for the send-off of Peter and Steve, new pals of Chrome. They'll be embarking on a three month epic ride from Stockholm to Barcelona on their fixed gears and we'll be following them the entire way. If you haven't yet, get your ass on Twitter and follow Chrome. We'll be posting updates from they're ride and uploading pics and video on our blog and Facebook pages.

Paint the Van!

Chrome crew at work

Shawner doing his thing...

kickin it

D hangin

group shot

Back on Track...

If anyone's in LA this weekend and owns a bike, this is a worthwhile ride to be part of. The Chrome crew extends its best regards to Mike and his family and wishes him a healthy and full recovery. Thanks Jeff for sharing his story with us & best of luck with the fundraiser:

Mike Vincent, a Los Angeles area BMXer/Cyclist/BMX event organizer was
hit by a car while riding his bike to work in January of 2008 and
sustained severe head trauma. Thankfully, Mike survived the collision,
but throughout the first few months of the accident, Mike was in
intensive care, enduring multiple brain surgeries along with surgery
to repair a punctured lung. Eventually, as we all probably know, Mike
pulled through, but the past year has been extremely difficult for
both Mike and his family. He has been through numerous surgeries,
countless tests, and recently moved back to Virginia to get as much
support from his family as possible. And since he's still fighting to
regain his vision, he's still undergoing testing, and will be making
the trip to John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore later this week for
additional testing.

Now, as well know, hospital bills are expensive, and in the past year,
Mike's bills have amounted to well over 3.4 million dollars. But there
are still ways to help. In fact, the 2nd Annual Back On Track, A
Benefit Ride for Mike Vincent, is being held this coming April 5, 2009
in the Los Angeles area.

Here's the details: It's a 27-mile ride throughout the Los Angeles
area, with a raffle and t-shirts being sold afterwards. Last year, the
event raised over $2200, and they're currently seeking donations for
this year's raffle. The event goes down on April 5, 2009 at 12:30 PM.
If you're in the L.A. area, come out and enjoy the ride. And if you're
a company looking to donate prizes towards the raffle, your donations
are very welcome.

If you'd like to make a contribution or need additional information on
how to donate to the cause, please e-mail

Jeff Stroot

Newest Member of the Fam...

makeover this weekend. gotta get you pretty for LA Velocity...

Clown Dog Anniversary-Austin,TX

We're all about partying for a good cause. If anyone's in Austin and knows Clown Dog Bikes, swing by & give some support:

Once again it's time for the Dog's anniversary party. This year we're combining our party with a benefit for the local non-profit bike gods at the Yellow Bike Project. The city has given them a hundred year lease on a piece of land and now the mission is to raise money to build the facility. Monthly benefits and private donations have gotten them about halfway there. We hope to raise a couple thousand American dollars at our party.
Our party is going to be at the Scoot Inn this Saturday. We're having a slow race, a small bike bunny hop and distance jump contest, tire toss, and some other bike shenanigans in the afternoon. Then, as the suns starts to creep down the bands start. We've got a drunken country band, a nerdy white rapper, a pole dancing crew performing with weird keyboard band, and a Queen cover band headlining.
It is looking like a fantastic party. We'll be selling raffle tickets and raffling off a Schwinn Jenny and a set of Velocity wheels and maybe a *chrome bag................Here's a flier. Yo. Thanks for your consideration of considering to make a considerably considerable donation to our celebration.

Love, Clown Pup John

*actually-we kicked down some of our new Chrome hip pouches along with some other goods. In fact, they're so new we haven't even thrown them on the site yet. Keep an eye out...should be available by this weekend!