No Po Up recap

Here are some pics of the UP crew from the No Po alleycat this past weekend in Portland. Nice call with the pixie bikes alex & thanks for the photos!

GG Roller Derby

The Gotham Girls are kicking off their season this Saturday with their first bout in Brooklyn. If you're in town, check out the event. Chrome gear will be raffled off & rumor has it there's only a few tickets left.

Messenger Appreciation Chicago

Chrome hosted a happy hour for Messenger Appreciation this past week in Chicago at the Blue Frog. With two hours of free PBR and product raffled off, including the new Warsaw messenger pack, rumor has it the house was packed & the crowd was stoked. Huge thanks to Augie for running the show for us and Chris Dilts for shooting the pics! For more photos, check out our Flickr page.

High Rollers Weekend

The 10th anniversary of the High Rollers Weekend kicked off yesterday in Vegas. Scooterists from all over the US and UK will be partying all weekend, attending events like the "Put Up or Shut Up" scooter build-off. Chrome kicked down for the raffle this year so check it out if your in town!

Chrome Warsaw!

Pete from COG magazine rocking his new Chrome pro series messenger pack, the Warsaw.
Just arriving in-house today, this bag, in my opinion, is our most bad-ass piece to date.

Seven Alleycat

Alleycat update if you're in Fremont, Cali this weekend...
Checkout the fremont fixed site for more info.

Keepin Warm in NYC

Our boy Squid's keepin warm in NYC, rockin the Chrome Kit: our Champ riding jacket & Pacer merino zip! We've got a special goin on right now, checkit checkit.

Hope our homies @ cyclewhawk aren't gettin too nailed by that snow storm hittin the east coast right now...stay warm guys!